Michał Tajchert My life at a glance.

Android Developer at Polidea, whenever I can manage I develop my side projects (in many cases just concepts of proof - check out my Github), few of them turned out to be quite a success 12Hours, Mine Watcher.
Lately I focus on wearables, I done some apps for Sony Smartwatch, and Android Wear platform. Gadgets such Google Glass and Google Cardboard gave me an opportunity to make few ideas real.
Also as I'm a Google Developer Group member I do many presentations about Android Development and Wearables in particular.

If you want get to know me better, please continue reading...

2011 - Present Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Warsaw
Bachelor of Engineering, major: Mobile Platform Programming.
2008 – 2011 LXIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. St. I. Witkiewicza, Warsaw
Extended subjects: mathematics and physics.

Extra courses:

Introduction to Computer Networks - University of Washington.
Microeconomics Principles - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Internet History, Technology, and Security - University of Michigan.

As code says more than 10k words (that's due to the loops), I encourage you to visit my Github page, or my Stack Overflow profile. Briefly speaking I'm quite good in Java which is the main language at my university, also the Android platform is well know to me.
As I mentioned earlier one of my biggest project Banamo - a secured social platform desinged for mobile devices. As it was a startup apart from coding I was doing all sorts of work (hiring new team members, choosing technology etc.).
My most successful project so far is 12Hours, Android widget that shows events from chosen calendar on a analog clock dial. In the first week after release it was downloaded over 30 000 times, with 1200 reviews (on avarage 4.5). It was post of a day on AndroidPolice.com, as well as on many other Android portals.
Apart from strict coding I'm GDG organizer, and a Bitcoin enthusiast, both of them had a big influance on my programming projects.

Github - or - Stack Overflow

Lately I'm into wearables devices, as in my opinion it is a "future" and it is even more interesting/challenging than phone app developing. I have developed few apps for Sony Smartwatch 2 - Paste&Share, QR Codes and more.
Also I'm a huge fan of Google Glass, and just for practicing writing for them, I wrote few minor apps - all are available on Github. For example:
PJWSTK - shows students schedule for next 7 days, and inform about time till end of the lesson.
Karaoke - shows lyrics for playing karaoke directly on your Glass.
Wallet - allows to add spendings and manage them, selecting amount is done by head movement!
Dance - teaches you how to dance particular dance, by showing it steps one-by-one.

As well I'm interested in Android Wear in which I see a lots of opportunities for my ideas. For now I only try Preview SDK, and give presentations about is (on the MobileWarsaw for example), but I'm eager to see final release of it.